Windward Community College's new building will place Library, Media, Tutoring, Testing, and Computing services under one roof, and include a classroom, Hawaiian Collection room, and Information Commons.

January 15, 2009

First Virtual Fly-Through

Architects Hawaii prepared this preliminary virtual fly-through to help us visualize the new building as we continue the planning process. The short tour highlights the initial concepts for the main entrance, Information Commons, main book stacks, the atrium, and the building exterior.

We're looking forward to interior design planning, which includes choosing the type and layout of furniture, optimal equipment placement, and more.

As always, we welcome your comments!



Anonymous said...

How about a bike rack or two?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - the entry will be similar to those now at the Campus Center at Manoa and the Library at UH Hilo. It is a massive building and will dominate that end of the campus - as such, could it perhaps be repositioned a little more (50 ft.?) more mauka to enlarge the open area makai?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to add study group rooms to accommodate at least 5 people to a room?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, since this seems like much bigger than the existing building, it it going to involve cutting down any of the beautiful banyan trees.

Also, i was wondering if its going to be air conditioned or we are going to take advantage of the natural air flow that is the beauty of hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I think the selected positioning (1/16 comment) is at least partly intended to avoid disturbing the trees (2/14 comment).

Anonymous said...

About air conditioning: Unfortunately, in most climates, and definitely not in Windward Oahu's climate, it is not feasible to have an open, non-climate controlled library used by the public (much different scenario from a collection of books at home). The books and other materials in the library, media center, and tutoring center would have a very short life span because they would literally rot from the constant barrage of molds and insects they're subjected to. Climate control is what keeps the molds and pests from getting out of control.

Windward Community College said...

Thanks for all your questions!

The building will indeed have bike racks, and possibly a skateboard rack, too.

We have committed to preserving the banyan trees, which is why we cannot position the building further mauka.

Each of the nine study rooms will seat six to ten people.

The building will indeed have air-conditioning to preserve the books and equipment at the proper temperature and relative humidity.