Windward Community College's new building will place Library, Media, Tutoring, Testing, and Computing services under one roof, and include a classroom, Hawaiian Collection room, and Information Commons.

November 18, 2010

Fence Mural Gallery

Artist: Former student Richard Bartlett.
Photo: CC BY-NC-SA WCC Library
Windward artists have delighted in the large canvas offered by the fence surrounding the construction zones. 
Artist: Current WCC student Vana. Photo: CC By-NC-SA WCC Library
Current, former, and future students have added their artistic expressions to the mix (the latter from incoming freshmen attending Frosh Camp). 

Artists: 2010 Frosh Camp. Photo: CC By-NC-SA Windward CC Library
One WCC art instructor, Norm Graffam, created a whimsical portrait of another WCC art instructor, Snowden Hodges.

WCC art instructor Snowden Hodges poses by his likeness, painted
by WCC art instructor Norm Graffam. Photo: CC By-NC-SA Windward CC Library
Graffiti artist, or "writers", have also added their flair to the project. 

Artist: Mr. Jars. Photo: CC By-NC-SA Windward CC Library
You can view more of the fantastic art on our gallery of murals on Flickr.

Also, check out this article from Honolulu Magazine on graffiti artists in Hawaii.


August 16, 2010

Make Your Mark

Do you feel the creative urge?
Just itching to paint something?

Satisfy your creative impulse by painting a mural on the fence surrounding the Learning Library Commons construction site. 

WCC students, college groups, staff & faculty may request mural space to display their artistic creativity.

Get your Guidelines and Proposal Form, get your space, get organized, and get your inspiration up before the taggers start hitting the fence!


June 23, 2010

Deconstruction: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In May, present and former faculty and administrators gathered to hold a ceremony to honor and bid farewell to the the former State Hospital's "Building L" — known on the WCC campus as "Lono" and, more recently, "Hale Mānaleo."
Over the past several weeks, the contractors have carefully dismantled the building, salvaging most of the materials to be reused or recycled.

The metal from the building, including the air conditioning ducts, will be recycled.
Useful items such as fixtures and doors can be put into service elsewhere on campus.

The wood planks from the roof will be milled and used for accents throughout the Library Learning Commons.

Demolition will likely begin this week to break down the concrete walls, floors and foundations, all of which will be ground down and reused in the construction of the new building.

Contractors have found several interesting artifacts, such as empty bottles hidden under the crawlspaces, likely left from hospital patients hiding forbidden alcohol. And under the carpet and tiles of The Learning Center — where students once took tests and consulted with tutors — a shuffleboard was found painted on the floor.

We look forward to the many surprises yet to come, and we hope you do, too!


May 17, 2010

Live WebCam of LLC Construction Site

Latest snapshot. Refresh browser window to update. 

To view the live video stream, select your browser:


April 20, 2010

Notice to Proceed

Our contractor has received the official “Notice to Proceed” with construction.

We'll see activity as early as next week when they begin setting up trailers and connecting to electrical, telephone and cable feeds.

Work begins in earnest on May 17th with preparation of the staging area, installation of fencing along the project perimeter, and deconstruction of Hale Mānaleo.

Thanks to Curtis Newton for use of the photo "Green Light = Go" (CC BY-NC-SA), based on the photo "GO" by Ludovic Bertron (CC BY). 


April 19, 2010

An Address from DeEtta Catherine Wilson

WCC's first librarian, Katherine DeEtta Wilson

DeEtta Catherine Wilson served as Windward Community College's first librarian from 1972-1996. During her tenure, she transformed an old building into a comfortable place to do research and study, all while dreaming of a building better suited to meet the needs of its users. Favorable circumstances, hard planning and a little luck have all had a hand in bringing her dream to reality.
Peggy Regentine, Katherine DeEtta Wilson, Terry McFarland

Mrs. Wilson honored us by speaking at the Groundbreaking Ceremony. Here's what she said:


Today’s groundbreaking is a great beginning and a thankful conclusion to many years of planning for the new building that will bring together a group of services to students, faculty and staff that have long been located in separate “make-do” facilities. As the years passed, advances in technology have brought about many changes in the plans so that now the new building will be quite different from the one we envisioned in the early years.

Those early years were a real adventure for me! The first two years I was both librarian and media specialist so there was lots to do, such as creating the kinds of work spaces we needed out of two shower rooms and two solitary confinement rooms with bars on the windows.

In the old facility we started with only two thirds of the building. The other third was a typing classroom.  We scrounged several boards and bricks for shelves and put a few reference books on them. The windows in the building had hinges that were rusted in the open position so, in came the rain and wind and they brought on the mold and mildew problems.

After a few years, the wall between the library and the classroom was demolished; media production moved to its own building and we expanded our space into the entire building as it is now. We went through adding air conditioning and dehumidifying, carpeted the floors, replaced the leaking roof with a new one, converted the card catalog to an online catalog, made room for additional storage components and changed automation systems several times.

Through it all, as the staff and materials collection grew, and the library instruction units for all English 100 students were completed, the vision of a new facility was always with us. But that’s all in the past and now we are entering a new era. The new building will have the right kinds of spaces for the many types of services to be offered, and it will be a green building, with all the good things that designation implies.

The format in which information is stored has continued to change and will continue to change over time. The library as a place where those formats—whether in the pages of a book or in various kinds of electronic devices are organized and made available to library users will also continue to change. It’s a real challenge to provide a place for those materials and also a place for study and thinking and absorbing knowledge.

Just a word about the Hawaiian name for the building — La‘akea. The meaning of La‘akea is so appropriate for a library as well as the other services in the building. It is: the sacred light of enlightenment and knowledge. Knowledge brings enlightenment and that is what a library stands for. It fits, doesn’t it? The word and its meaning were given to us several years ago by a friend, Mahiai Beamer.

And now, I want to say thank you to Nancy Heu and all the others who carried on the huge task of developing our hopes and dreams into a tangible reality. It will be a beautiful building! Let’s all of us here today come again to celebrate when the new building actually opens!

Aloha no!


April 12, 2010

Groundbreaking Ceremony - Video from Ka 'Ohana

Windward Community College's student newspaper, WCC breaks ground for library"


March 19, 2010

Groundbreaking Ceremony Photos

Former Windward CC student Pi‘ilani Smith performs hula.

UH President M.R.C. Greenwood and WCC Chancellor Doug Dykstra help Rev. Ka‘upu untie the maile lei during the blessing.

First line of groundbreaking participants (from left to right): Architect Terry McFarland, WCC Librarian Nancy Heu, Retired WCC Librarian DeEtta Wilson, Rep. Ken Ito, Sen. Jill Tokuda, UH President M.R.C. Greenwood.

Hawaiian Studies students participate in groundbreaking
WCC Hawaiian Studies students participate in the groundbreaking.

Photos by Peter Tully Owen.


March 18, 2010

A New View

Artistic rendering of the new Library Learning Commons Building

Our jaws dropped open when we saw this rendering of the new building. You can download a larger version to zoom in on the fine details.


March 11, 2010

Groundbreaking Ceremony Set

Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Groundbreaking Ceremony at the future site of the Library Learning Commons will take place Friday, March 19th, 2010 from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. between Hale Mānaleo and Hale Mana‘opono.


February 18, 2010

Archaeological Assessment of the Project Site

Those interested in the history of Kāneʻohe, the Hawaiʻi State Hospital, and Windward Community College may like to read the draft Archaeological Assessment for the Proposed Windward Community College Library & Learning Resources Center Project, excerpted from Windward Community College Library/Learning Resource Center Design Analysis, Final Design, August 7, 2009.


February 12, 2010

The Tomorrow Library Today

The Tomorrow Library Today

In this article from Architects Hawaii's newsletter, Glen Yokotake discusses how contemporary ideas about libraries have shaped the planning of our new building. 

Yokotake, Glen. "The Tomorrow Library Today." Excerpts from Sketches 5.4 (Oct. - Dec. 2009). ©2010 Architects Hawaii Limited. Used by permission.