Windward Community College's new building will place Library, Media, Tutoring, Testing, and Computing services under one roof, and include a classroom, Hawaiian Collection room, and Information Commons.

April 21, 2008

"Make it hip, make it cool, make it inviting. "

Section detail from the floor plan
We've gotten more great suggestions for the new building:

  1. It should be used as efficiently as possible. I see classrooms and other larger spaces in Hale Akoakoa usually empty! I hope that does not happen in the new library. Make room for any services that provide students with a reason to stay on campus rather then going to starbucks or borders. Also make space available to the TRIO program to make sure that students with 4 year college prospects are encouraged and provided the special attention they require, such as tutoring services and counseling. What a waste it would be if this library is left empty most hours with the exception of the few. Make it hip, make it cool, make it inviting. Have you been to starbucks when its crowded? That is what you want to see here on campus--an overflow of all people/students. Have abundant seating outside with ample water-resistant furniture (hopefully with shade). Honestly, what is the purpose of having an empty courtyard? Stupid, on such a vast campus with lots of "yard" space.

  2. Coffee stand, comfy couches.

  3. It would be great if the building could have a small room for the resource teacher at The Learning Center. Right now the resource teacher sits in the lobby and some of my students have said they feel uncomfortable being helped in such an open space. They feel ashamed of the fact that they need extra help (even though I tell them not to feel this way of course!) and instead of focusing on the resource teacher’s instructions, their eyes dart back and forth watching who is coming into the lobby or exiting The Learning Center.

  4. At least 5 chess game stations in the library.
Please feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions.


April 14, 2008

New Concept Drawings - April 10, 2008

Concept Drawing showing the outline of the new building
Architects Hawaii presented their concept drawings, showing the possible shape of the building and the placement of functional areas within it.

Site Plan
Site Map/Form Study
Sectional Floor Plan
Main Level Floor Plan
Lower Level Floor Plan
Upper Level Floor Plan
Please feel free to post comments or suggestions on any of these.


Section Concept Drawing - April 10, 2008


Campus Site Map Form Study - April 10, 2008

Campus Site Map Form Study


Site Plan Concept Drawing - April 10, 2008


Upper Level Concept Drawing - April 10, 2008


Main Level Concept Drawing - April 10, 2008


Lower Level Concept Drawing - April 10, 2008


April 4, 2008

Learning Commons Resources

The following have helped in our planning efforts. We'll add to the list as we find other useful resources.

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April 3, 2008

Suggestions from Mar. 14 - Apr. 2

Longer TLC hours for those of us who work and cannot come during the day. With only two nights per week that the TLC is open, it's hard to take proctored exams.

A large stained glass window would make for an aesthetic component of the Library with the added value of bringing in filtered natural light into the interior.

[Computers] should be set apart so the person using the computer won’t disturb the other person on the computer especially when you have to write a paper.

Lots of chairs and tables.

Romantic lighting.

Black lights.

As always, we're interested in your feedback. Post a comment, or use the form on at