Windward Community College's new building will place Library, Media, Tutoring, Testing, and Computing services under one roof, and include a classroom, Hawaiian Collection room, and Information Commons.

August 28, 2008

Things to keep, and other suggestions

Current reading lounge with large teddy bear and dragon
These suggestions for the new building came in since April 22:

  1. More sofas/couches - so people can nap or be comfortable.
  2. Massage chairs!
  3. The kine you can sleep in…like on sofa futon one.
  4. Executive leather recliners w/ ottomans.
  5. Desks that are actually giant fish tanks w/ koi, so you can read and peer through a glass desk w/ fishies. It’s soothing.
  6. Periodic table of elements everywhere
  7. The rainbow spectrum from one side to the other side of the building.
  8. The coffee shop could have a bar or small tables for people to converse and read or do whatever they want.
  9. No right angles!!!
  10. Please keep the GIGANTIC stuffed animals for the sofa area. It is comfortable and cheerful.
  11. Please keep the wicker basket of children’s books, gadgets and crayons (some of us older students must bring a well-behaved youngster along to the library).
  12. The staff at the front desk (and janitor), namely Brandi, Jason, Diane, Nancy and Avelina, are courteous & make this a pleasant place to study.


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